Thanksgiving food and the history of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day

Famous for being a day for eating an abundance of turkey and pumpkin pie . Thanksgiving Day is held on the fourth Thursday in November

Thanksgiving Facts

  • In a YouGov survey, when asked, 20% of women say that they do all the cooking, as opposed to 13% of men. 28% of women say they will do most of the cooking with a little help from others, whereas 18% of men will say the same.
  • In 2021, 24% of people said they would not be attending any Thanksgiving celebrations. And 53% said they would be celebrating once that year. 17% of people said they would be celebrating twice or more, and 6% weren’t sure how many times they would be celebrating.
  • When it comes to giving thanks, 61% of people are thankful for their family first of all. 15% of people are most thankful for their health and 6% of people say they are most thankful for their friends.
  • 44% of people think shops should be closed on Thanksgiving Day, and 17% think their doors should be open. The other 39% are either unsure or think shops should open with modified opening times.
  • 13% of people find Thanksgiving very stressful, and 34% of people find it somewhat stressful. Only 22% of people think Thanksgiving is not at all stressful.

What food do we like best?

The Thanksgiving meal is famous across the globe, but which is your favorite part? According to a YouGov poll, the top Thanksgiving dishes among Americans are as follows:

1 .Turkey

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This should come as no surprise to anyone, but the top dish and almost everyone’s favorite is Turkey. According to the National Turkey Federation, 88% of people eat Turkey at Thanksgiving, which equates to about 46 million turkeys across the country!

2 . Mashed Potatoes

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No Thanksgiving Dinner would be complete without this side, the perfect accompanying dish to go alongside the turkey. Mashed potato was, according to a study run by OnePoll, the most popular side dish for 71% of respondents. And who doesn’t like to carb up during ?

3 . Stuffing

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There are many recipes for stuffing, and the truth is that Thanksgiving Dinner would be incomplete without some version of this American classic. At least, in surveys that’s what 66% of people think, placing stuffing as the third most important part of the meal.

Honorable other dishes

Just behind stuffing in this YouGov poll were bread rolls, ham, scalloped potatoes, sweet potatoes, gravy, green beans, and then macaroni cheese. With over 40 dishes included in the poll, it’s clear that Americans like to be creative at , personalizing their meal choices with their favorite foods.

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When it comes to drinks on the Thanksgiving table, 63% of people prefer wine, whilst 19% drink beer and 10% of people drink spirits (according to a survey by Drizly in 2017).

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