The Mandalorian Season 3 Gets Disappointing Release Update

mandalorian season 3 delay

The Mandalorian revitalized Star Wars and served as the crucial tent-pole project for Disney+’s launch. Fans immediately latched onto Din Djarin and Grogu, growing deeply invested in the duo’s adventures through an increasingly dangerous galaxy.

It’s been an extended wait for Season 3, as The Book of Boba Fett came next after the thrilling final episode for the sophomore season. The tie-in series provided a healthy fix of Mando and Grogu once more, setting up the pair’s next adventure after a heartwarming reunion. Din will be returning to Mandalore to redeem himself for removing his helmet, and he’ll have some allies along the way.

The first official footage for Season 3 was released exclusively for attendees at Star Wars Celebration in May. Leaked versions of the trailer found their way online, but fans at home have been clamoring for something crisp. Concerns over another exclusive trailer being shown at D23 have been prevalent, but Star Wars diehards worldwide have been treated to a new look at The Mandalorian’s next installment.

The Mandalorian Season 3 Trailer Released
During the Hall D23 Presentation at D23, Jon Favreau revealed the official teaser trailer for The Mandalorian Season 3.

Din Djarin stands alongside his fellow Mandalorians:

Mando Returns with a Bang
The footage in the teaser is all action, steering clear of revealing any plot in classic Lucasfilm fashion. Much like the first trailer for Season 2, the footage highlights major developments from the previous seasons (and Boba Fett) to establish the general direction of the events to come.

Much of what’s seen in the teaser was also shown in the Celebration trailer, though there are a few new developments. Bo-Katan is seemingly being set up for an even more antagonistic role than previously thought, as she blames Mando’s cult for the loss of Mandalore to the Empire. Open conflict between Kryze and another Mandalorian has already been seen, and the teaser further suggests that the failed leader could be an enemy, rather than an ally.

The biggest takeaway from the teaser?

Mandalorians. Lots of them. Wherever they all were in the first two seasons of the show, something will embolden the warriors to come out of hiding. Din is set to become something of a reluctant leader, likely bringing all of his people together in an effort to liberate their damaged world. There will be larger developments to come with the story in the ensuing months, but action will be at its peak.


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