The ranking of 10 One Piece movies is rated as the most worth watching

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One Piece is a successful franchise in every definition of the word. It’s sparked a long-running anime, countless toys, themed soft drinks, and entire stores (and even an amusement) dedicated to it in Japan. However, if there was ever something to call a series a blockbuster hit, it would be the blockbusters themselves. Like many other successful Shonen, One Piece has a slew of movies bearing its name.

One Piece has received rave reviews for its storytelling, art, character personality, and humour. It has received numerous awards and is ranked by critics, reviewers, and readers as one of the best manga series of all time.

1 . Film Z


Still regarded by many to this day as the best film in One Piece history, Film Z is a wonderful culmination of not only what One Piece is but of what One Piece is best at. It brings the viewer to an incredibly realized and sentimental villain Z . As he tries to bring the world of pirates to an end, even if that means burning the world for everyone.

2 . Strong World

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The tenth film for the beloved pirate crew gets major points for being one of the most adventurous of the franchise. The “Golden Lion” Shiki has begun a rampage on the world’s seas . As he brings his floating island and its ravenous wildlife across the waters to wreak havoc on the East Blue.

3 . Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island


What they didn’t expect was an entire plot to break up the crew and have each one of them captured for a sinister ritual hidden in the dark shadows of the island. The sixth film stands out as a great piece for its willingness to challenge the themes of friendship and loyalty within One Piece, subsequently making the viewer appreciate them even more.

4 . Stampede


The freshest entry on this list (by mere days for the Western theatrical releases) . The series’ fourteenth film was not only a box office success but a major celebration for One Piece fans everywhere. The 20th Anniversary piece really sets the stage. As it tries to not only cram in a bunch of historical Straw Hat references but an absolute encyclopedia’s worth of cameos.

5 . Film Gold

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Getting into the absolute gems of this list . Film Gold is very much a part of One Piece’s (and even Funimation’s) revival and expansion within the West . As it was the first of the series to have a U.S. theatrical release.

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